Fire Damage Restoration

fire-water-sprinkler-ifp-magazineFire is not to be trifled with as it can result in serious loss of property and life. It has the unrelenting capacity to devour whole skyscrapers in one go. There is no limit to the damage fire can do and the more “material” it has to burn, it will continue to do its job.

Phoenix Flood Force has large water carrying vehicles which shoot water with high pressures allowing easy fire extinguishing. We have a fully equipped fire department at our disposal which can easily put out the largest fires. The team consists of some of the city’s finest firefighters.

In 2016 alone, more than 1300 cases were reported of fire deaths in buildings and homes. It is our job not only to remedy damage which leads to the loss of lives and property, but also to educate you on how to prevent such hazardous situations from occurring.

Phoenix Flood Force aims to reduce not only the fatalities of fire damage but also curb the damage to personal property. Our response is 30 minutes, which is the fastest in the locality. Within that time, our workers arrive to save anything and everything that is within their range. Quickly, along with putting out the fire, they will make you feel relaxed and secure by the second because you see everything being salvaged in front of your very eyes. Our workers do their best to extinguish flames and recover any of your possessions that are intact.

When we talk about fire damage restoration, there are three main steps that need to be taken in order to minimise losses and damages:

1. Mitigation
Mitigation is described as the effort put in to reduce the loss of both life and property in case of disasters and accidents. It also means to act according to the risks involved and aim to restore possessions through insurance and other payment methods.

Insurance companies are constantly looking for ways to cut back on expenses and payments that you are entitled to. But our sales experts are well versed in the ins and outs of the insurance game and know exactly what steps to take to ensure proper payment.

We take immense pride in our services and we assure you that there will be no setbacks that you need to be worried about in terms of fire damage mitigation and restoration. Your safety is our job and your payment is your insurance company’s job. We make sure they keep their end of the bargain so we can focus on doing our jobs.

2. Smoke Removal
The removal of smoke is essential to maintain health standards within the affected areas. Smoke plays a major role in the increase of fire damage and has many adverse health effects on those who come into contact with it. Prolonged exposure can be harmful as the carbon dioxide present can be lethal for your lungs.

Smoke also reacts with other chemicals to form corrosive substances which can cause further damage to your household equipment and goods. So removing it is an essential step for the restoration and repairing of your living space. It is our number one priority to get rid of all the polluted air from your living space as soon as possible, for safety purposes as well as health reasons. Call us at (480)339-0086 to know more about our restoration and cleaning services.

3. Fire Restoration
Once mitigation and smoke removal has been done, the next stage of the restoration process involves our workers stripping your home of any equipment or goods that need to be repaired and those which are of no use anymore.

Those goods will be taken to our warehouses for fixing and we will thoroughly remove all traces of the fire damage in your home by cleaning, vacuuming, air-blowing as well as painting the charred areas.

Anything that has been touched by flames and needs a little reworking will be handled by our expert workers who require only minor instructions from you regarding the specifics of each item. Otherwise, we are more than adept to fully cater to your fire restoration needs. At Phoenix Flood Force, you can expect nothing less than world class services.