Direct Insurance Billing

water-damage-recovery-wheaton We maintain a proper relationship with many insurance companies in Arizona and we know the gimmicks they use to decrease or not pay the total amount for damages incurred. This is one of the reasons why we have set a working relationship with them which enables us to be, at all times, in contact with their latest policies and inner workings.

When you’re dealing with the stress of restoring your living space to its original state, you really should opt for a restoration company which provides hassle-free, direct insurance billing services so that the total cost goes directly to your insurance company.

Once you satisfy the rest of the costs apart from which the insurance companies cover, there are no other charges that you have to fill unless you opt for extra services and facilities.

There are no hidden charges or costs on our part that add up to your total cost of restoration. Before we provide our services, all costs are discussed in a clear and transparent manner. Rest assured, there no hidden surprises. We pride ourselves in offering restoration services that are not only economical but also a safe bet a when you need help at the first possible opportunity.

In our experience, the one thing that customers absolutely do not like is to be surprised by more additional expenses or last-minute hidden costs. We understand that you are already stressed due to the inconvenience some of these natural calamities cause and simply do not wish to add to your worries. Invest your trust in us and at (480) 339-0086 to understand how costs are calculated in the event of a calamity.