Commercial Services

Thumbnail_4 Phoenix Water Damage is a multi-service organization that provides its clients with a multitude of services. In addition to flood and water damage restoration, we also provide fire damage restoration and waste/sewage removal. Any sort of damage that is caused by the aforementioned calamities can be undone safely and efficiently through our restoration services.

Here’s a list of the cleaning, repairing and restoration services we offer:

Water Damage Restoration
Phoenix Flood Force offers you the best water and flood damage restoration service which includes removing water from unreachable areas, drying of sockets, repairing of water-damaged goods and eliminating the source of the flooding.

Fire Damage restoration
Fire is a dangerous substance and can cause limitless destruction and damage if not controlled at an early stage. Not only do we put out fires, we also will try our best to save and repair property that has been affected by it.

Sprinkler Damage Restoration
Water sprinklers release a good amount of water which can cause undue harm to your belongings and furniture. It is essential that you remove the water on a timely basis to prevent further damage. We offer to bring everything back to its original look and condition as we have a good deal of experience with this type of restoration.

The water may be clean, but if left untreated and overlooked for extended periods of time, can be a breeding ground for unwanted organisms which promote the spread of serious illnesses and diseases.

Smoke Removal
Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, not to mention the sprinkler systems that are set off as a result. So instead of just smoke, you have the additional water to deal with as well. If not ventilated quickly, smoke is not only a health hazard but also harmful to electronic appliances, furniture and consumables.

Mold Removal and Prevention
Mold and other bacteria go hand in hand with stagnant water. Phoenix Flood Force promises to remove every water body that accumulates, small or big, so that no mold growth occurs and no other vectors increase their production. Scientists worldwide have concluded that long standing water is the source of many germs and diseases that spread throughout your home. Mold removal is very important to maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in and around your house.

Suction and Water Removal
We have state of the art suction pumps and vans which can quickly suck out large quantities of water in short periods of time. Within a matter of minutes, we will remove the flood water that has accumulated and dry out all the affected area with ease. Call us at (480)339-0086 and our team will be there in 30 minutes or less.

Using the very best drying equipment and air blowers, we aim to reduce the moisture in your home by dehumidifying the area completely. Humidity and excess water content reduces the performance of electrical appliances and can cause a short circuit within your electrical system. This can, in worse case scenario, result in the loss of life. So whilst dehumidifying may not sound as important as the other restorative jobs, it is an essential step that needs to be taken to bring your space back to its optimum working condition and eliminate altogether the possibility of any mishaps.

Tapestry Drying
Rugs, carpets, curtains and other clothing material take a lot longer to dry and adversely affected by moisture. These are removed, cleaned and restored by our expert workers. Once everything is returned to its original state, we can easily place all of the tapestry back to its correct location.

We understand how distressing it can be if you need restoration services to repair your house. This is why Phoenix Flood Force aims to provide you with the highest quality services at the most affordable rates to ensure that you and your family endure the least amount of stress as we do a stellar job of restoring your living space.

Restoration of any kind is not an easy process. We are fully aware of the complications that arise as well as the problems that can occur if it is not handled properly. Phoenix Flood Force offers you almost all kinds of restoration services anywhere in Arizona at highly competitive rates. Our foremost priority is your peace of mind..

Here is a detailed description of all the services that we commercially provide to our customers and are renowned for in all of Arizona:

Water Damage Restoration

Water is an unpredictable liquid and has been known to wreck entire cities, let alone a single building or house. Water can cause erosion which in turn causes the foundations of the building to weaken. It also causes massive damage to the interior as there are many articles and goods that shouldn’t come into contact with water for safety purposes.

Many homes and families have been shattered because of water damage which could have been kept at bay, had help arrived in a timely manner. At the worst, water damage can cause loss of life which is something no one should have to endure as a result of water damage.

Electric shock is the most common hazard as a direct result of flooding. Since water is a good conductor of electricity, anyone who comes into contact with charged water particles will experience a massive electric shock which can lead to hazardous results, including death.

At Phoenix Flood Force, we want you and your belongings to be safe and secure which is why our response time is limited to 30 minutes or less. We try our best to beat the traffic and reach you in time to help you in your hour of distress. Call us at (480)339-0086 to avail our high-quality restoration service.

Once our experienced professionals reach the location, you can rest assured that the best home restoration and safety workers in the state are at your disposal, and you will receive the highest quality service which saves as much of your property as possible in the process.

Here are the four basic steps that our workers follow every time we receive a distress call with regards to flooding and water damage:

The First Step
When dealing with water damage we first need to single out the cause. It could be a faulty pipe or an overflow in one of your water tanks. Once we single out the source we take countermeasures accordingly. We strive to eliminate the cause permanently, because if we don’t, flooding might become a common occurrence in your building. Usually, flooding occurs due to the following:

● Pipe burst
● faults in the plumbing system
● Natural disasters
● Ventilating system issues
● Equipment and appliance malfunctioning.

We have workers who possess a highly diverse skills set to save you time and countless hours of worry. As soon as the source is located, each respective worker rises to the occasion and feverishly works to eliminate the cause. That is how efficient our workforce is. We do not require any instructions from you, only orders and your current location.

The Second Step
The next step is to work on eliminating the root cause of it. Be it any kind of fault, our workers are armed with the skills and experience to perform any sort of technical work that might be required. It could be fixing a leak in your pipe or changing piping completely, we have the best plumbers who have the necessary tools to start working there and then.

At the same time, the rest of our crew works hard to salvage your most valuable and essential belongings. The water suction process begins soon after and with the help of our heavy-duty water pumps, we can remove massive pools of water within a short span of time.

Third Step
It is easy for any company to remove large quantities of water in one go, but the more important part is to suck out the water from hard to reach areas such as inside walls and other nooks and crannies.

Other restoration companies overlook this procedure but we understand the complications that are associated with stagnant water. With the right equipment such as dehumidifiers and high pressure air sprays, we remove and extract water from every possible collecting area inside your space.

By relying on our cutting-edge equipment, we will remove any other minor and even small water bodies that can go unnoticed, because if left untreated, they become infested with all sorts of organisms which is certainly something your family can do without.

When we successfully clear water out of every possible crack and crevice in your house, the rate of evaporation inside the building increases and that results in more water being removed that shouldn’t be left lying around.

Fourth Step
Once we are certain that all the water has been removed successfully and all affected areas are completely dry, we begin to dry out all of your belongings including carpets, rugs, curtains and other furniture that might have gotten damp.

Our drying and dehumidifying equipment is top of the line and it guarantees the removal of water from any sort of furniture, household items and other places where water has a tendency to seep and cause damage. Not only that, the stench that accompanies wet and damp places is also removed using a clever mix of fragrances and aromas, we can make your home not only looks but smells brand new as well.

Aromatherapy is a new process that restoration companies rarely ruse to restore homes to their former state. We have aroma specialists who have the capacity to singlehandedly locate the source of all foul odors and unpleasant smells using only their sense of smell and then using the correct aromas to induce a more positive vibe to the place. When your place is smelling this good after we get done, you have all the more reason to be happy and enjoy your freshly cleaned and renewed space.

Just call us anytime around the clock for flood damage cleanup, sewage cleanup or emergency restoration on (480) 339-0086 and Phoenix Flood Force will come gallivanting to your rescue!

Things to Know
We do not want you to panic to make matters worse; taking matters into your own hands can lead to highly undesirable outcomes as restoration is a tricky and complicated process that requires special skills, experience and equipment to get the job done right. Your first and foremost priority should be to alert the respective authorities and contact us so that we can start doing our work on a timely basis and save as many of your belongings as possible.

If you are aware of any sort of leakage or spillage, let us know immediately so that any further damage can be prevented to your belongings and property. If a timely decision is not made in this regard, then the situation can easily get out of hand causing you to spend more money than ever needed.

In addition, there are some dos and don’ts of flooding that you should know in case you ever find yourself in the center of it all:

● Try to mop and remove as much water as possible
● Pick all loose items off the floor
● Try to keep your tabletops and other counters as dry as possible
● If your air conditioner is working properly, then turn it on full blast for maximum evaporation.
● DO NOT use or touch any electrical sockets or wires that are damp
● DO NOT enter a room which is full of water even if the water level only comes up to your ankle
● If there is a water problem on the first floor of your house, do not use any ceiling equipment in the room below, i.e. lights, fans etc.

Call Phoenix Flood Force without hesitation at (480)339-0086 to immediately take care of all such nuisances before they get worse.